Foul Mouthed Andy - The Secret Revealed

Foul Mouthed Andy - Spanked & Belted

Beefy straight lad Andy has been at it again! He can't seem to keep control of his bad language! He has been back working on the building site and his boss old Mr Smith is receiving complaints every day about Andy's offensive language!

So once again, Andy has been sent to see Mr X to get punished!

Andy however, has other ideas! He is angry and defiant and protests that he has had enough of being treated like a child and he is going to refuse to get punished! He spends some time mimicking Mr X and being generally cheeky!

Mr X realises that there is no way he will get through to Andy when he is acting like this!

So Mr X tells Andy that he is taking him to somebody who can deal with him!

Before Andy can protest, Mr X grabs him firmly by the ear and drags him out of the apartment. Andy is then dragged towards the car and shoved in.... Still being held firmly by the ear and is taken on a long drive! The pleas for Mr X to tell him where he is going fall on deaf ears!

Andy can't believe it when they finally turn up at the airport! Still getting pulled by his ear, Andy is dragged through the airport and onto a waiting plane (yes he really does)!

We then see a rather bewildered Andy sitting on the plane still getting held by the ear!

He has no idea where is going or what awaits him!

The plane finally touches down at Frankfurt airport!

The next scene shows Stephen in the Magic Spanking Factory! 

There is a knock on the door and Mr X drags potty mouth Andy into the factory!

Mr X explains to Stephen that Andy is out of control and asks Stephen if he will deal with him...

Stephen can't stand bad language and readily agrees to teach Andy a painful lesson!

Mr X sets a chair ready for Stephen and Andy is dragged over Stephens knee! Stephen then proceeds to give Andy a real walloping!!!!!!

With the slipper, his hand and finally from his belt! The punishment is hard and relentless and Andy is left broken and pleading for it al to end!

Finally Stephen finishes with Andy! Mr X thanks Stephen for a good job well done and drags Andy, by the ear back outside!

"""More from Mr X! Well!  I have no idea how I got away with this! In case there is any doubt, in this movie, you really do see Andy getting dragged by his ear from London, through the airport, onto the plane and arriving at the Magic Spanking Factory in Germany! It really has to be seen to be believed!"""

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